Sunday, February 14, 2010

Chinese New Year..and Valentine's Day

Happy Chinese New Year...although a little belated. Been busy lately and didn't have much time to update everything. Went to my wife's village two days ago to unwind. It was windy the whole day which makes the environment so pleasant. Sadly I can't capture that wind blowing using the cam. Had a nice bbq session too at night. Then today, the first day of CNY, went to visit my wife's relative, did some shooting and had lotsa nice foods.

Now I'm at my wife's place. I'm having CNY holidays for a week. Wuhu! I'm having plans with my fellow friends for more shooting session this coming week. Till's some photos of decorations taken at KDCA Penampang in conjuction with the CNY celebration. Owh, Happy Valentine's Day too. Still waiting for futsal shoes from my wife. :D

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