Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Kokol Hill Portraits

After we had some nice photos of Mt. Kinabalu from Mengkabong, my friend suggested that all of us should go to Kokol to witness another sunrise. So last Saturday, we did another sunrise hunting, plus portraiture shoots for friends of theirs.

Off we went, taking the route not far from Menggatal town. The journey up to the designated place took us about 20 mins. We reached there just after 6 am and quickly set up our tripods and stuffs. Took these shots using the Tokina.

After 6.40 am.

Then, we proceed with the portraits, I used the Tammy at f4. Rovanne in black and Yuhana in white.

Afterwards we changed venue for shooting, and I armed my camera with the Sony 30mm f2.8 macro which belong to a friend. It was a very sharp lens, and I love the fact that I can get real close-up shots using it. Although not as wide as the 11-18 UWA that another friend used during this session. His photos was superb. So what five photographers, with four flashes fired wirelessly produced?

My friend KYSham demonstrating the after-effects of wireless shots. He also owned the A850 and Carl Zeiss 24-70 f2.8 which photos poisoned us all. What a glass.

Those are just some shots of what we did that day. This weekend we might be going there again for another sunrise hunting. Want to join, do buzz us then.


  1. No words to describe...
    AWESOME!!! The pic is cool!

    Jeles yang meracun jiwa ku utk TT with you guys!