Saturday, February 5, 2011

Kiulu White Water Rafting

As stated in my post yesterday, my friends and I went to Kiulu in Tamparuli to watch water rafting activities. It's a popular tourist spot and it showed today as I saw a lot of them turned up here. We managed to talk to one of the operators and he can give us RM65(which includes meal) per person if we can gather more than seven participants. Sweet! Another event for my fellow camera friends and I very, very soon.

The river is classified as Grade 1 and 2, which is shallow, slow moving river with rocks. Safe enough for children and elderly folks. A more adventurous rafting experience can be obtained at Padas.

Brief instructions were given before heading out to the rapids.

One of the raft(and the operators).

Let's go!

You can try the swinging, hanging bridge which is a lot here.

I was surprised to see small kids joined in. Some are as young as five years old.

The 'ritual' before rafting.

We drove and stopped at a spot to catch some actions.

Another hanging bridge.

One of the earlier rapids.

Hey hey! Thanks for the pose. I guess they thought that I'm on of the assigned photographer as some raft operators will provide photographers at strategic locations.

One before going back! Joseph and Dzul.


  1. Sia mahu cuba kalo datang ke Sabah nanti

  2. pergi jgn sik pergi. me and the gengs maybe going to have one this march. :D

  3. Although the river has a smoother flow compared to the usual harsh rapids, the enjoyment is still there because you get to experience rafting along with your kids. Do you have pictures of your white water rafting experience in Padas River? Maybe you can post them here so we can get a clearer idea of how the experience was back then.