Friday, February 4, 2011

Long time no see - Kokol Hill

Ahh...finally! Finally I have some time to update my blog after...3 weeks? The longest period that I'm away from blogging. All thanks to my new school, whereby I'm tied with classes and extra activities after school. The slow broadband connection around school compound doesn't help either, given the fact that it's not located far from Donggongon town. Sigh...more time for work means less time for taking photos. The only time that I was able to use my camera for more than a day was during my school's sports day which ended last Tuesday.

Anyway, I'm now still nursing my endless phlegm and mucus during this Chinese New Year holidays after a short fever so basically I am just at home resting and doing some...yeap, school work. Wife was bored this evening and she suggested that we go sightseeing. Then we decided to drove up to Kokol hill.

The weather was mostly cloudy today and it was cold when we reached the top around 6 pm. A bit like the weather in Kundasang, just nearer.

On the way up.

We had coffee and snacks at Kasih Sayang Resort. There's a new building on top which looks like a new resort. Gonna check that one out soon!

The views of Kota Kinabalu from the resort. I used Nex's Handheld Twilight mode for these three shots.

KK on our way down.

Another view.

Tomorrow, if everything goes well, I'm going to Kiulu! Time to clear the camera's memory card first.


  1. kacak gmbar tok cikgu :) Good to see u again, u inspired me to buy Nex too :)

  2. alo geng! Eh, now you're talking local eh...nice! Sikdalah kacak geng. Sekadar ada jak hehe. Sama2 kita belajar :D