Saturday, February 12, 2011

Perdana Park, Kota Kinabalu

Hey! There's a new park in town! And it's located right next to Tanjung Aru Beach and it's called Perdana Park. Apart from its spacious jogging/recreation area, visitors are entertained with musical water fountain and I must say I'm impressed with the display. Not forgetting they play some of my favourite 90's songs as well.

The entrance.

A view of the carpark area.

It's spacious!

You can try foot massage located along the jogging pathway.

Kid's choice!

The best feature of the park.

Plenty of slow shutter opportunities.

On a different note, I'm just a few days away from experiencing and achieving one of my childhood dreams. I blogged about this last time and it's about attending and witnessing Iron Maiden, live, in Singapore. I was excited when my school's Principal gave me the green light to take a day's leave, if not, it would be almost a few hundreds of ringgit wasted. It will be Maiden's first show in South East Asia, and I got to witness that! Wooo! I don't think I would be bringing my camera to the concert, guess I just have to rely on my Aria then.


  1. Cool Iron Maiden....Wish more international artists come to Borneo instead of doing in KL or Singapore...

  2. err.. lupak ku.. kudah komen kah belom owh.. niway, thanks for sharing pok.. Ku sik sabar mok pergi sabah agik taun tuk :)

  3. hahaha. dah ko komen geng, ya...bok jak hahahah. Mun dah agak sitok padah awal2. Kelak mek org tabur orange carpet.

  4. Hai, cool blog!!I want your permission to take your pics for my blog, tq:-)

  5. Halu geng. Thanks for the visit. You're welcome to use my photos and thanks for the link. Cheers!