Saturday, May 7, 2011

An evening portrait with Epong

This photoshoot was held last Sunday, as I promised the guys that I would bring them to my new sunset lookout behind Tanjung Aru town. Epong was our ever-supportive talent who came in a nice outfit, as she was going for a party that night.

The weather was fine and windy. The sunset, however was not spectacular at the sun sets behind Sapi Island. We used a combination of silver and gold reflectors before the guys changed to wireless flash, which, I was only a spectator uhuh...

This time around I experimented with different colour tones.

No wireless flash capabilities, I opt for some silhouette shots.

Last but not least, after numerous tries, I finally catch some flashlights haha.

Next week I will be using a new combination with my Nex. Just say that I'm going manual. :p

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