Friday, May 6, 2011

Sony Alpha Basic Workshop

Last Saturday, Sony Malaysia organised a basic workshop for Alpha users around Kota Kinabalu. It is conducted at Sony HQ in Kolombong. I've been to numerous basic workshops before, and I still want to attend future workshops as I like to meet new users and relearn a trick or two. This time around I can see more people embracing Sony cameras, far cry from what I saw few years back. Not forgetting, free tea break and nice models to shoot!

Starting from this workshop, we are having a new trainer. A local Sabahan, and a good friend to the Alpha community by the name of KYSham. He has been appointed by Sony to conduct basic courses around Sabah, and from what I heard, he will be quite busy 'touring' Sabah in the next few months to come.

KYSham showing a mini prize to be won for answering questions. Bro, can I have the T-shirt? :p

Joshua, our friend from Miri who came to join the party.

KYSham brought along this baby...

and also another 'baby'...

Without wasting much time, everyone started snapping and trying to get the best shot. There were nice prizes for the best shots of the day.

Kenneth, another from from Sarawak whose working in Labuan.

Well, this is my take. Didn't submit my shot cause I went back early due to other commitments.

Next week, there will be a big event for us Alpha users. Sony had collaborated with DBKK for the Kaamatan Festival on the 12 May at Lintasan Deasoka, and some media passes will be distributed for those who registered. Luckily I did, and looking forward to get nice shots of Unduk Ngadau.


  1. Gago ko Syuk long as any brand makes me happy, I will always be a fenbui wakakakak.

    Josh : mcm sik tauk wakakaka.