Saturday, June 4, 2011

Bau, my hometown

Inspired by my recently-sold Serikin market photos, I went out this evening to get some photos of my beloved hometown. At first I thought of using the car, but going in and out would be tedious, so I opt for the bike. Easy, fast and 'free'. Just me, the bike and the wind.

I just can't wait to get back here during school holidays. The food and surroundings makes each trip different, memorable and worthwhile.

A panorama of Tasik Biru(Blue Lake), once a goldmine for Sarawak.

Lucky me the weather was nice and calm.

The playground next to the Tasik.


The old, dependable public transport. Some of the buses that I once board still runs today.

Bukit Emas food court.

Bau Civic Center with the baruk design.

Hawker center.

Fresh market.

Mini Stadium.


  1. what can i say , sabah is a very beautiful place

  2. jobong oku ninga pasar bau. tih leh rasa eh bila roo de perantauan.. daerahku, tanahku, tempat kelahiran aku