Friday, December 2, 2011

Malaysian Book Of Records -

This event could be one of the biggest highlights of 2011 for my school, SMK Limbanak. Few months ago, a group of teachers initiated a drive to collect used bottles that will be recycled into flower pots. Engine oil, washing detergents and big cooking oil bottles were selected as it's big enough to plant flowers inside.

Teachers and students alike are encouraged to bring in bottles from their home. From a mere hundreds, and after a few months, the number grew into thousands and finally, during the day of the counting, the total bottles collected was 5584. That's a lot as the school expected 3000 bottles only.

YB Datuk Philip B Lasimbang came to witness and help counting the bottles.


The school's Principal, Pn. Rafidah

Pn. Cynthia and Pn. Judith, the main force behind  this event. 

Datuk Philip B Lasimbang

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