Sunday, December 18, 2011

Skills Enhancement Program @ ATI College - Baking Time!

Lately I found myself drawn into baking cakes and buns. I'd love to try out new recipes, till one day, my mixer broke down. Sigh... I can't resist the smell of bakery's fresh and hot buns and the sweetness of their cakes in my mouth. But, most of the times, I couldn't get those from my kitchen. Good thing though, ATI College organized this program and I quickly enrolled for Carrot Cake session.

However, since the response for that cake wasn't good, I was put to Black Forest class and it was an eye-opener, mouth-watering goodness!

Chocolate sponge cake mix.

The cherry's syrup that helps to stick the cake and the fresh cream together.


Canned cherries as toppings.


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