Saturday, April 11, 2015

Krabi, Thailand Day 1

These coming posts will be about a trip to Krabi, Thailand in 2013. What can I say about Krabi? A great place, great people and suitable for families with children.I will try to remember the place we visited, the experiences but most importantly, let the photos speak for themselves. I believe few things have changed since it's already 2015.

 Nice looking interior of the Hiace. Our transport from the airport to our hotel. We stayed at Ao Nang and not Krabi town because it's nearer to the beach and water activities!

 We stayed at Haleeva Sunshine, Ao Nang. It takes a good 15 minutes walk to the beach area but this hotel provide good service and cheap. However, they don't provide lifts.

 Yes, you can go around like that, but I recommend that you wear a helmet for safety reasons and to avoid trouble with the authorities.

 Efficient and fast!

 Motorcycles are abundant. Affordable rental prices and it's the best method to move around Ao Nang.

 There were tailors everywhere. Read online that the workmanship are good and cheap as well.

I ended day one with this! Khao Niaow Ma Muang. Love them to bits! Day 2 coming!

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