Sunday, April 19, 2015

Krabi, Thailand trip Day 3

After a wonderful day 2, we greeted day three with some more food tasting and nature activities.
 Safety and selfie first before riding.

 Delicious seafood fried rice. It tastes better with that fish sauce. 

 My personal favourite, Tom Kha Gai. 

We then tried elephant riding. Definitely an eye-opener experience. 

 We were brought into streams, small jungles and rough terrains which provided some near-fall experience but everything was under control.

And some more sightseeing around Ao Nang.

 More food stalls! 

Definitely there's a lot to see around Ao Nang at night. The shops facing beaches opened till late. 

Bought and flew Good Luck Balloon.

 This have to wait until tomorrow morning. :)

 Imitation Rays.

 Set my eyes on this for tomorrow. 

Haleeva Sunshine at the background. Day 3 comes to an end. Day 4 or rather the last night coming soon! 

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