Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bring up some noise!!!

Last Saturday I attended a metal gig called Sarawak Metal Force 10th Anniversary held at Temuai Lounge in Kuching. It gathers some of Sarawak's metal talent and the premier head banging Langsuyr which is the main band for this event. Seeing the local Sarawak music scene, I am glad that nowadays there are more gigs and concert happening here and there compared to a few years back when I'm still with my band. I played drums with my band Dragorion. We didn't make any noticeable progress though. But my guitarist, Daniel is active with his band Ethnic Transmission and Stoic4Life. Norman, who plays bass is now with Stoic4Life and currently expanding his home studio recording business.

Daniel Ading of Ethnic Transmissions and Stoic4Life.

Aloy aka Asrul Zahidi, my guitarist last time when I'm still studying.

Back to the Metal Force gig. Bought the ticket for RM17, went in but I didn't manage to get all the bands in action especially Langsuyr. Went back early to catch my flight to KK later that night. I shot Ressurection, Rudeboys, Kherow and Vormit in action. Kherow has a female vocalist, and she rocks the stage with her growls. Kherow plays death metal by the way. Seen a few nice axes too, especially Jackson and LTD(very nice indeed).

The MC for the gig.


Rudeboys vocalist.





The only female singer...whhooaarrhh!


The crowd was wild especially when the last few band played. I had some difficult times taking photos are the crowds kept pushing just to be in front. And boy, having a dslr is great! One of organiser's member assisted me to be in front when Kherow was on stage even though I'm not having any press tag. Way to go, and I'll reward them with my post here. And thanks to that particular guy too for helping me in getting my shots.

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