Thursday, March 5, 2009

Manipulating the light...

Wireless flash is kind of a new thing for me. Not that I never use an external flash before, but having a flash that can be put almost anywhere away from the camera can be a bit challenging. Getting the right exposure and moods for each photos really takes a lot of practice. Not only the flash placement, I need to determine the correct flash power, the use of diffuser, flash head angle and I'm still far off from making full use of the wireless features.

Hence I did a candid photoshoot yesterday, with my friends as my 'models'. It's not a pre-plan thing anyway. I'm attending a seminar in Miri today so when I arrived yesterday, they took me for some sightseeing late in the evening. Without a tripod, I can't take much scenery photos so I suggested to them to pose for me which they happily agreed.

These are my first proper but unplanned outdoor wireless shots. My models are Wilson in red shirt and Martin in black. All photos taken at Miri Public Park.

I think this is the best photo from yesterday.

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