Sunday, March 7, 2010

For fame and glory - 2nd day

Our second day here starts with a simple jog by the students at 5 am, continued by training on their respective events. By 6.30 am the stadium was already packed with athletes from other schools. So all of us head back to our rooms and rest.

As the real competition will start tomorrow, we instructed the students to do some light training in the evening. They were delighted when we allowed them to go to the swimming pool to relax after that.

Some of them just hang out at the playground, so I grab my cam and do some candid portraits.

Regetta and Joanna


Ryan Albert Yaya

Grace Matius

Our 'chef de mission' Cikgu Usang.

Benover, Johnathan and Dickson.

Me. I have my personal assistant Grace to help me take photos.

With so much time in hand today, I tried some lomo effect of Joanna's photo.

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