Wednesday, March 10, 2010

For fame and glory - 4th day

The second day of the sports meet ended with our school getting three gold medals and some silver and bronze. Tony once again won the 400 meters and broke the record as well. Michael, who disappoint us by not winning the long jump, came back to win the triple jump event. And Jeffendy, won his favourite discus event for the under-18 category.

The two Sylvesters who won silver and bronze respectively in the 5000m run, and silver for Regetta for the 3000m run.

The supporters.

Jeffendy won his favourite discus event.

Michael won the triple jump.


Tony Lucas won the 400m.

Then the opening ceremony was held in the evening.

He was exhausted by the heat, sat down but still raised his hand when the oath was read.


  1. Glory Glory Man United!! Eh salah...
    Blue Is the Colour!!!

    It must be a tiring day, bro!

  2. Memang bro. With few kilos of equipment in hand, I have quite a sore fingers. Forgot to bring along my monopod as well. Hey, when are you coming down to kk?