Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kpg. Toburon picnic

I have blog about this place last year when I did a photoshoot there with my relatives. At that time, I had only few hours to explore and enjoyed the scenery, and came back without sunset photos. And I was very happy and excited when my wife told me that her family would be organizing a picnic there. Wow! I just can't wait.

Then, both of us went shopping for our camp and some equipments. And last Monday, we went there.

The road going to the beach was bad. Now you really need a 4WD to get there. And another thing. Knowing somebody from the village would be helpful as the road to the beach is closed. There have been some reports that outsiders stole and damaged things there so the villagers did something to prevent future occurrences.

I was excited all the way, till my car and I met Mr. Sand. He gave me us the first lesson about driving there.

After almost an hour, we managed to get my car out from the grasp of Mr. Sand. Besides, my father in-law was behind the wheels. :D

We reached the designated camping spot, and I quickly set up the camp. At that moment the wind was blowing strongly.

Cute two-person tent. Cost less than RM50 from Giant.

My father in-law relaxing. He doesn't need those tents to sleep at night.

We had a very late lunch(thanks to Mr. Sand) and it was already nearing sunset.

Quickly gram my cam and flash, and mount the SAL 11-18 UWA lens and did some quick portraits.

My wife's cousin Karen.

Then at night, some of us(including wifey and me) went fishing. All of us came back with nothing except mom in-law. Experience does help. Hehe. Some of the family members went farther and came back with these.

In hand puffer fish, grouper and cuttlefish. All these went straight for BBQ and the pot.

The family members hang out and have some local liquors and beers while I just sat nearby them, having a sip or two and enjoyed the cool night breeze. No doubt having a picnic like this can make your appetite bigger. Unable to take more food and drinks, I went to sleep.

I woke up from a very nice sleep the next morning. Wife went out for another round of fishing while I explored the place for some landscape shots.

Just like what they say...nice, clean sands.

Hello Mr. Crab!

Before we went back, wifey asked me to join in for a short swim in the sea which I declined. However, after taking a few photos of them, I put my cam down and ran straight to them. What a very cool and clear sea water.

Hmm...we might be having another trip next month. This time Mr. Sand, I'm ready than ever.

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