Monday, March 22, 2010

UMS 1999-2001 Sabah chapter first ever reunion

After almost ten years, some friends from my Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) years planned a lunch gathering at Promenade Hotel. So last Saturday, only ten of us came after some last minute cancellation but boy it was fun. The place was nice and food was good(and cheap as one of our friend got discount for it). The best part was meeting all of them and exchanging new and old stories. Most came alone(including me as wifey is working) and some brought along their spouses and kids. The bad part, I only have my Tammy 70-200 with me. Have to go a distance for some shots.

Funny to see some of them didn't change much after all this while.



Racheal, Diana and Henry Chua - the ones who made the gathering possible.

Charles Julius.



Antonius and wife.


Me - as taken by Faris.

Can't wait for the next gathering. Hopefully it will be bigger with more friends coming.

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