Friday, April 23, 2010

Digital Camera Magazine April 2010

Every month, I would always visit my favourite magazine shop to get my copy of Digital Camera Magazine(Malaysia edition) where they write about new cameras, lenses, photo competition and Photoshop techniques.

April 2010 issue.

However, this month's issue caught my attention on some few things which irk me a little. First, there's the Alpha A850 review. It came rather late though as the camera was launched way back in August 2009. Okay, better late than never.


The other thing about the A850 review is the type of lens that was mounted on the cam.

Look closely...

It 's the Sony's 18-70mm f3.5-5.6 kit lens, a DT lens meaning it was built suitably for APS-C bodies. The IQ(image quality) of the lens is okay, but not that great and it was replaced with the new 18-55mm. I'm not sure if the writer, Trevor Jones took the shots featured in the review using the kit lens because if he did, it would somehow be a handicap situation for the camera itself. I would love to see a review of the camera with the Sony's G or Carl Zeiss lenses.

Then, came the flashguns test. Let's see which flash units were picked.

Eh, no Sony's flagship F58 or other makes flashgun? I really hope to see a review(or a test) for F58 considering it's the only flashgun that enables vertical or portrait shooting with its unique bounce head. Now I don't know what to say to this guy here.

Irk aside, I still dig the magazine's post-processing techniques. See what's in store for the May issue. Till then happy shooting!

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