Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Futsal in Lawas

Puma Futsala IV.

Our futsal game slowed down last month because we were denied playing at a school compound in Lawas because of conflicting opinions. So we literally quit the game and I continued my usual jogging session. Even though I just picked up the game and slowly honing my skills, I enjoyed kicking the ball, passing the ball and even scoring. I did score a few but mostly by pure luck. No skills used whatsoever. :p

Anyway a new futsal court was opened recently and we were ecstatic! Just that we can't play often because we have to pay RM50 per hour. Last time it was free and we played almost everyday.

Apart from the court fees, we paid the boat fee as well. Where's our court you might ask.

There it is! Across the Lawas river!

Here's our boat. RM1 round trip.

It can fit 12 adults comfortably at a time.

Just a short one-minute trip.

The court. We can even play at night!

Actions before the game.

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