Friday, April 9, 2010

Fire drill

This morning, my school organised a fire drill. Finally, something I can shoot while at work! The school invited some firemen to conduct the fire drill session.

8.20 am. The alarm sounded and the students and teachers ran(or rather walk) to the school compound.

The fireman evaluating the earlier drilling process.

Preparing the fire extinguishers.

The fire pit is made of cut oil drum and filled with fuel.

Back during my school days, we used real woods piling up on the ground, and extinguishing the big fire is even spectacular!

Then, came the 'cadet firemen' to help save the day in various poses.

The dry foam extinguishers tasted sour!

Let's learn on how to extinguish fire using a fire extinguisher.

After pulling out the extinguisher safety pin, hold the nozzle towards the fire source.

Press the trigger to release the dry foam.

Keep pressing until the fire is controlled.

Done! Don't get near the foam though.


  1. hahahaha! nicely done!

    no wonder you seldom online..busy sangat!

  2. Tubik, well explained a-z how to use the extinguisher hehehe.. Tq sbb share those infos aaa.. :)

  3. haha. thanks Josh. Indeed very busy lately. Can't wait for holidays!

    Kal Jis : thanks, not as detailed la. Want more detail, lets start a fire shall we. Hahaha.