Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mengkabong bridge : revisited

It was a very fine, clear Sunday last week. I think it was the first time I saw Mount Kinabalu fully exposed for the whole day. It's a good outing for my fellow Alpha shooters aka Shutterpink who went to Kundasang and Mesilau for some shooting too.

I was on my way back from my wife's village to attend her grandma's funeral when I saw the mountain. There were some good spots to take photos of Mount Kinabalu from Kota Belud as it will include some paddy fields in the foreground. I didn't stop because I did not bring any wide lens.

As days like these are hard to come by, I took the Sulaman road which will lead to Mengkabong bridge before heading to the city. Some saturation were added to the final images.

A popular fishing spot.

I wonder if the catch is good.

There's a restaurant available here.

The other side of the bridge.

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  1. blue... :)
    nice...bila lagi la aku mau ambik pic sana tu