Monday, April 12, 2010

A short Brunei trip with Cybershot T70.

Two weeks ago I joined my wife's family for a trip to Brunei to attend their relative's funeral. It was my first time being in Bandar Seri Begawan, its capital city. Before this I just drove there as a transit visitor.

We reached the city at night, and stopped beside the big Omar Ali Saifuddin mosque. The abundance of road signs helped us from getting lost. As I didn't bring my cam with me, I borrowed my wife's Sony Cybershot T70 for this shot.

Sony T70, 6mm, iso 1600, 1/40, f3.5.

Well, that's all about my trip there. Hehe. I just want to show this shot using a PnS and I'm quite impressed with the output. The manual controls only allows adjustments for iso, focus area, metering mode and EV values.

I owned a PnS previously and I remembered I didn't use the manual settings much, nor I understand how to use it. Most shots were using Auto or the default scene selection. Nice photos taken but somehow I'm not satisfied. But after I owned and handled a dslr, I realised that I'm starting to enjoy fiddling with a PnS limited but still interesting manual adjustments. How I wish I have this knowledge and experience last time.

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