Thursday, October 14, 2010

Nex's firmware version 3 installed!

Yay! As promised, Sony has released the new firmware for it's Nex cameras. I downloaded the files, and installed it which is very easy to do. Just follow the instructions! What do I like the most about the new firmware? Custom button, where you can set up to three most-used settings and you can access them quickly without going deep into the menu.

Version 3 all right. The Lens/Mount Adapter version will change by this week.

Go to Setup menu to set your custom button.

Here's how my display looked like. What changed is the Custom button from the usual Shoot Mode.

After pressing the Custom button, ISO settings comes up cause I change ISO often.

Press the right side of the ring, DRO/Auto HDR settings.

Another press brings me to the White Balance settings.

Other than the three settings above, you can opt for Shooting Mode, Shooting Tips, Precision Digital Zoom, Metering Mode, Flash Compensation, Creative Style, MF Assist and AF Area.

Besides the introduction of the Custom button, other notable features that comes with the new version are Aperture Priority mode during HD movie recording which means you can set the aperture manually before capturing movies. The MF assist for manual focus gets a new feature. Previously the MF assist only enlarged the centre of the frame during focusing, but now you can
select any particular area in the frame. Very useful for portraits and doing 'rule of third' composition.

After testing/meddling with the new firmware, I can gladly say that shooting with Nex will be more enjoyable from now onwards!

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