Monday, October 4, 2010

Alpha T-shirt

Last August, I design some shirts by using simple lines and symbols, uploaded those to my FB page and it instantly became a hit. Due to the overwhelming responses, I opened a sales thread and orders reached almost a hundred in just a few days. By outsourcing a printer from KL, the final price can be lowered and finally the shirt was on sale for RM25(without embroided name).

Few changes were made to the design and finally, after almost 2 months, I received my T-shirt! It took a few weeks for the changes and waiting for the payment from those who ordered, but the wait was worthwhile. Quality of the material and the silkscreen printing is very good. The only comments that I received was the tight neck and sleeves area but overall, it was a success. It is a great feeling to actually wear and see somebody else wears the shirt that you designed.

A half-hidden camera. Reason : so that it caters to all Alpha users no matter what model they use.

Because it was a success, the designs for collar t-shirts and a cap was ready in no time and ready to be uploaded very soon. :D Nice.


  1. Congarts pok! Sorry sbb ku sik sempat order dah close hoh.. Mun cap lak ada, PM me ok.. interestedd here.. Your design nang mena2 marbeles!

  2. bole order ka ni