Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New kicks! Reebok Pump Omni Lite

One of my wishlist during the recent Singapore trip was to get myself a new pair of shoes, a Reebok Pump that is. I did mention in this blog that I have a soft spot for that particular model and I currently owned a pair of Pump Bringback Edition. I browsed the net for the availability of it and found out it was cheap there, even after conversion to Ringgit. Some specs of Omni Lite.
  • HexRide technology provides air cushioning
  • Soft full-grain leather adds comfort and support
  • Padded foam liner supplies the cushioning
  • The Pump helps you find the perfect fit
I found the shoes at Bata Shoes at Capitol Centre, while we're on our way to Funan IT and Peninsula Plaza. Choices are limited though, a few Omnilites and Fury Pumps as well as Reebok's new Reezig. Then reality sets in...should I get it or should I not. It's not that I'm going to wear them everyday but since it was my childhood dream, I just can't let this pass. It took me few hours going in and out that area before I decided to get them. Besides, wifey gave her support too!

20 years of pumping...

If only they have the classic white/blue/red version in the shop.

What's next? I'm still wishing for a Puma Disc, and LA Gears. Good to know they're back in business. LA Gears was cool last time with their LA Lights sneakers.

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  1. Yo, where can get reebok omnilite seven sins?