Thursday, September 23, 2010

35mm f1.7 C-mount TV lens for Sony Nex

Before going to Singapore, I browsed through, one of Singapore's photography forum to look for cheap things to buy while I'm there. Found out about a seller who sells the 35mm lens for $80. It looked similar to SLR Magic's 35mm, only cheaper. It's a manual focusing lens by the way.

In the package : the lens itself, C-mount to Nex adapter and macro(close-up) ring

Wide open.

When compared to a Malaysian 50 cent.

Note the aperture shape.

Manual focus is easy because the focus ring is smooth to operate. The Nex's MF Assists function helps a lot when doing precise focusing. Because the adapter doesn't have any chip, the camera cannot record the aperture used for each photos. There's a slight vignette when used wide open. Now for some sample shots. Note the blur produced. With a suitable subject and background, this lens can produce slight miniature effect. Kinda cool in a way.

This is taken with the macro/close-up ring attached. It is screwed between the lens and the adapter.

The more I use this lens, I grow to love the photos it produced although I took more time to focus on my subjects, not forgetting the frequent 'out of focus' areas. At the moment it stays mounted on my camera most of the time.


  1. wohooo.. sexy amoi in pink shot pants

  2. syuk : anak buah ku ya, bok kak upsr.

    kaljis : heheh...kiut jak lens ya.

  3. the picture u posted are without crop?

  4. some were cropped bro. thanks for the visit. :D

  5. Hi!
    Are you using the macro ring because of the vignetting?
    Are these photos croped?
    I saw a lot of c mount lens with small aperture and great optical properties but on sony nex the used sensor area is too small. I want to use to record movies with.

  6. HI Peter.

    I used the macro ring to get closer to the subject. Yes, most of the photos were cropped, because it's not close enough.

    On the other hand, using the ring did not create any vignette even wide open. Hope this helps.