Sunday, September 12, 2010

Our Singapore trip - Universal Studios Pt. 1

This was the place that triggered our interest to visit Singapore. Being movie-oriented, my wife was excited to meet and greet some of the famous characters there. That morning, we woke up early(I couldn't sleep well by the way) and took MRT to Vivocity which is currently Singapore's biggest shopping mall. For a fare of SGD2, we took the Resort World Sentosa bus to reach the Studio.

I would recommend to get the Universal Studios' tickets online though. The Studio opens at 10 am, and when we got there, the entrance was already full with visitors lining up to get in. Having the tickets early will save you lots of time and possibly faster entrance to the rides and shows inside. Paying SGD66 for the ticket is not that cheap, but where and when can you get back to the kid in you? I know almost everyone in the studio was being one that day. Anyway, you will be given SGD5 voucher for meals and another SGD5 for buying souvenirs.

I will show some of the landscapes shots inside the studio area in this post.

The famous blue globe.

Shrek's 4D show inside King Harold's castle.

Luckily there are a few smoking zones located within the studio's compound.

Now where's Alicia Keys to sing her song?

Drive In restaurant. They sell burgers here. I love the 50's theme inside.


To get back to Vivocity, you can hop into the free MRT coach provided by the Resort itself which serves the studio, Imbiah and Vivocity.

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