Saturday, September 18, 2010

Our Singapore trip - Imbiah Lookout

This is one of the attractions in Sentosa Island, apart from the Universal Studios. To reach here, you can take the free MRT coach from Vivocity, where you will pass Universal Studios and reach Imbiah Station. Due to the limited time, I didn't manage to explore more of the place. We actually stumbled upon it while looking for the cable car ride station, which is located here too.

One of the Merlions located here. You can go to the top part of the lion's head with a nominal fee.

360 degrees of pure panoramic view.

Here's some of the views from the top.

Before you get on board, you will get your photo snapped, which is available for purchase after the ride.

Photochop! But we still bought it for memories sake.

Here's another item that comes with the purchase.

After that, try the Luge. Part go-kart, part toboggan, LOTSA fun!

Go for the new Dragon Trail, it's more challenging. I saw a boy skidded and fell from the luge because he was going downhill too fast. Luckily he's okay.

It's located just beside the Sky Tower.

Because you can't possibly take out your camera during the ride, they provide photo service at the finish line. Be sure to smile and look at the camera!

How do you get up after the luge? Hop onto the Skyride. It's part of the package.

This is quite high for the batophobia me.

Here's a brochure of the other attractions located here.

The map.

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