Saturday, September 4, 2010

3D imaging

It's one of the latest technology available nowadays. From TV sets right down to compact cams. My Nex have 3D sweep panorama, which, I'm only able to see it from a 3D enabled tv and the special glasses. However, it has been outperform by Sony's new Cybershots, the TX-9 and WX-5. Both have 3D capabilities, but the best part is, you can view its effects right on the camera's LCD screen. Just tilt camera left and right like a seesaw. Check out youtube if you want to see that.

Watching is nice, but wearing it is another thing, especially if you wear spectacles. It kept slipping down my nose that I have to tilt my head backwards a bit.

Then, 3D movies came. Luckily GSC at Suria Sabah offered 3D movies, and I went there this evening to catch my first 3D movie, Step Up. The storyline was ok, but I was more interested in the effects. It was cool! Uber cool! I wonder how Avatar 3D would fare. I saw Avatar being played in blue-ray format and LED TV, and that was already awesome to watch.

Enough of 3D, I'm gonna see Shrek, Charlie Chaplin and Marilyn Monroe in real life soon. Yes, tomorrow's the day that I'm going to Singapore! And the thing that eventually made me buy the airplane tickets is Universal Studios, which I'm going to visit on Monday. Hopefully SGD66 ticket is worth spending. And there's the Marina Bay and Singapore Flyer which I intend to visit too. I was worried about my camera's memory card that I bought a new one.

Bought it quite cheap at yours truly, CPL photo of KK plaza.

Aite, time to sleep. Can't wait to take photos tomorrow.

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