Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Our Singapore trip - Views at the Changi airport

It was our last day in Singapore, so we went to the airport quite early to make sure everything was okay before flying back to KK. There were some renovation works being carried out in Terminal 1.

Not much of bags to bring back. I'm very sure it would doubled for our trip next year.

There's a wall at the airport which could be used as a background for portraits.

There's nothing much outside, so we went into the waiting hall. Inside houses quite a number of shops to do last-minute shopping.

Hey what's this?

Singapore will be next host for the Formula 1 night race at the end of this week, and the airport organized some competitions to celebrate that event.

I would not miss the chance to test my skills.

First up, F1 simulator. I got second place, no prize.

Not giving up, I tried my hands at the RC buggy.

Instructions being given before the time trial.

Lucky for me, I had some experiences in RC cars and I posted one of the best times.

Hehe. I got a 3D model of a F1 car.

Enough playing, we made our way to our gate before boarding the plane.

Everyone's favourite! Chocolates!

This is one of the open-air deck for smokers.

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