Tuesday, August 31, 2010

DIM(Do it myself) AAA battery case

Batteries are an essential part of any electronic items. It's so important that I keep a spare for my camera and both flashes. I bought original battery for my Nex as at that time, there wasn't any third party batteries available. Luckily I got it cheap from Uncle Chin of Studio Zaloon. A week or so after that, third party batteries was made available for RM70. Might be getting that one too. With the viewing, setting and composing all done using the LCD, it drains the batteries fast.

Same goes for my AA and AAA batteries. I use Eneloops, and it came with its own battery case to make storing easier. However, I lost the case and my batteries now lay scattered inside the camera bag. I browsed through the web and found someone sells battery case for Rm15. Quite expensive for a piece of plastic. Then, something came up, and I made myself one! I wonder why I didn't think of this earlier.

What do you need?
1. The clear disposable plastic battery holder that came with your batteries when you buy at shops - Ni-CD, alkalines or normal batteries have those.
2. A small piece of corrugated plastic sheet, cut that to match the battery holder size. You can use hard plastics too.
3. Binding tape.
4. Adhesive velcro straps. I got those from Daiso.

The procedures are pretty straightforward. Just put binding tape at one end of the corrugated plastic sheets, and adhesive velcros at the other.


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