Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunpak PF20XD + Sony Nex

Yay! I bought myself a used Sunpak PF20XD to use with the Nex. Now I'm having two flash units, both fired optically. I bought it cheap for RM100. This particular flash uses 2-AAA batteries, and guess what, I bought new AAA Sanyo Eneloop rechargeable batteries. Very reliable batteries I must say, having used the AA sets for my F58 and F42 flash units last time. This Sunpak is quite small, fits nicely on my palm, but packs some serious flash power.

Slave sensors at the front.

With the built-in diffuser pulled up.

On-Off button, Mode button for to change flash power and the flash sync selector.

So what can two flash units with Nex can do for you?

Nex pop-up covered with DIY diffuser, Sunblitz with DIY diffuser at top right and Sunpak with built-in diffuser at mouth level left.

As good as it can be, there's always weaknesses. Being optically slaved, both flashes need to see the signal from the pop-up for them to fire. And both could not work at bright areas eg sunny outdoors. As for now, I'm limiting the usage for indoor portraits and product shoot. However, as DIY spirit is still very strong in me, my next project is to get radio flash triggers. If that works, I can fire both flashes, anytime of the day at any directions! Time to shop!

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