Saturday, August 28, 2010

DIY Softbox Version ?

For the past two years since I started this hobby, I built a few softboxes, diffusers and even beauty dishes that I lost count. Built those, tried and tested, and it will be thrown away either because it's not functioning properly or they break apart. I didn't give a name to the recent diffuser for my Nex either so I guess I'll just build anything and call it by any number after this.

Anyway, I built another softbox using corrugated plastic sheets. It has been used for my recent portraiture with Mr. Zrul. The process was simple enough, I will just show you the finished product. This time, it looked better and can last longer than all my previous ones.

The inner part. I pasted aluminium foils using white glue.

The two piece of plastic sheet on top are meant to hold the flash in place.

Closer look.

A white cloth is used as a diffuser, temporarily. :D

The size.

I used an adjustable cable tie to lock the flash.

Yeah! Glowing brightly!

Now some test shots using my ever faithful and obedient Arios.

Bright sun at the back, softbox at top left.

What do you think?


  1. aok ba... tau org u ada NEX... * larik....

  2. Syuk : ne ada org tauk eh. Wakakak.

    Willie : Wah. Aku ada sigek jak geng.