Thursday, August 26, 2010

Meet Mr. Zrul the guitarist

After a rather successful photo session with my friend Daniel and his guitar, I thought of doing another one at home in Lawas, but this time my colleague will pose for me while my guitar will be used as a prop.

As usual the settings was in front of a rather white wall, Sunblitz on top right, shot through a softbox and the Sunpak at the left body side. Once again, I had some troubles getting the flash to fire, especially when both cannot detect the flash coming from the pop-up. Nevertheless, got a few good ones.

My friend suggested the wordings on the photo.

The Sunpak didn't fire on both of these photos, but it created a nice shadow. Maybe a bit underexposed though.

On another note, the government will give some monetary aid to all civil servants before Hari Raya. Nice! I can use that for radio triggers and a new bag. Singapore trip is just around the corner too.

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