Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Naza Blade 250

I'm down with a flu today. Went to school but came back early to see the doctor and get my medicines. Gosh I hate being like this. The stuffy nose, itchy throat and the weak body. I'm still processing my sister's wedding and reception photos which took days to finish but there's only one thing that got me excited today. I'm able to fire that Sunblitz flash unit wirelessly now without doing 'timed' bracket shots like before. How? I will blog about that soon.

Just want to show you guys some photos of the Naza Blade 250. It's a rebadge from Hyosung GT250R, powered by a V-twin engine. This bike is the 'naked' version, and there's another one with full fairings.

A colleague of mine bought this baby RM16+++ cash(phew...wish I have that money). When I sat on the bike, only my front soles touched the ground. The seating position is kinda high for a 1.70cm person like me. That didn't stop me for a sh0rt spin though. Must poison oneself with good things hehe.


  1. lampu biasa ka
    x pkai lampu led

  2. Member x upgred lagi bro. baru je beli mase ni. :D