Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Suunset at Sipitang, Sabah

It was raining when I made my way back to Lawas from Kota Kinabalu last Sunday. Just before I reached Sipitang however, I spotted a bright area,which is not covered with the dark clouds and I knew I had to stop there for its sunset.

It was still raining, so I couldn't take as much photos of the esplanade.

Sipitang town is blessed for having one of the best place to watch sunsets. The newly-completed esplanade provided visitors with seats, a small jetty and recreation area for the families and childrens.

The newly-built jetty.

You can see big container ships at the horizon.

The old man walked away just as I'm about to take a better silhouette of him.

I'm gonna stop by for its sunset again one of these day.

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  1. Hi.. thank you for such a beautiful images here.. i was there 18 years ago, and seeing these pictures made me remember the place. and im so happy for the development of the place..