Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sunset at Sepitang

Finally! The sun rises and sets without any rain in between. After a spell of dark clouds and rain almost every evening in Lawas, bright sunny days are a much welcome sight. My friend suggested that we go to Sepitang to shoot sunset.

So off we go yesterday. This time we shoot at a smaller, wooden jetty. A different jetty from which I took some sunset shots in an earlier post. This jetty was right behind the fish market. Didn't take much photos and after previewing, I found only two shots that I see are nice.

And today, I finally bought myself Flickr pro version account. I was a pro(pro here doesn't mean I'm a pro photographer hehe) previously, but my account expired a few months ago and Flickr displayed only 200 recent photos from my albums. Phew...there's thousands of megabytes of photos I've not uploaded yet.