Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bazooka is back

I just came back from watching The Expendables at Suria Sabah. What can I say about the movie? It was nice, with terrific fight sequence and few jokes slotted in between. It's enjoyable to see most of my 'old' heroes came back in a movie(Lundgren and Arnie). Where is Van Damme? Anyway, it's RM18(two tickets) well spent. Wifey loved it. Saw a few movie posters there and I'm really sure going to the cinemas will be more frequent than ever.

Speaking of coming back, I received my Tamron 70200 from CPL today. It almost took two months for it to be serviced in KL. It looked just like new, with clear, unstained glass and smooth mechanisms. I wonder how it would perform on the Nex once I buy the adapter.

Nevertheless, I'm going to sell it off in preparation for new projects as I'm expecting a used Sunpak PF20XD soon. Gotta shop for rechargable AAA batteries tomorrow.

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