Monday, August 16, 2010

Sony Nex DIY pop-up flash diffuser

I'm so really into DIY mood right now. Next in my DIY list is the diffuser for the Nex pop-up flash. An friend uses a film roll canister. Tried that but I wanted something bigger. So I search high and low and finally I got what I wanted to make the diffuser.

It's the 4-small plastic container from Daiso for RM5.00

Here's the steps for creating this diffuser.

Just cut at one of the bottom edges of the container to slot the flash in. The cut area must be right so that the container will stay straight when mounted on the flash unit.

I bought the silver, reflective tape at a stationary store for Rm3.80, and paste some on the cover, and covers all the insides of the container.

Another look of the inside.

How does this diffuser works? I'll show you using my simple sketch.

The light from the flash will be reflected by the reflective tape, before it escapes from the top part of the cover that is not pasted with the tape. Because the cover is not really transparent, the light got diffused more.

Here's some sample shots.

The cat, from being sleepy to restless until...

Sorry for disturbing your sleep cat. :P

Because of the multiple reflection and the semi-transparent cover, the light power was reduced significantly. This diffuser will work best with close shots. Happy DIY!


  1. Very nice. I've heard of using ping pong balls. This one seems to better focus the flash.

  2. Hi anonymous.

    Thanks for the comments. I read about ping pong balls too and it looks like the flash output seems better than mine. Part of the problem with mine is that, because I applied bounced flash inside the diffuser, the output would be a lot less. It's only good for short distance subjects.

  3. where can i find the plastic container?

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