Thursday, August 5, 2010

Me, the T-shirt designer?

Being the only Nex user among my photography friends in Kota Kinabalu, I always tried to make them 'envious' and in the same time 'poisoning' them into getting a unit for themselves. I have been active in uploading my photos lately for them to see and judge what this little Nex can do.

Then came an idea of designing how my Nex T-shirt would be. It would be a great idea to create that 'havoc' amongst them, as I initially thought. I designed a simple one and uploaded it to my facebook page. To my surprise they liked the design, which led me creating a few more different designs with different Alpha camera models. Then, I uploaded the latest design which became very popular.

Shakira, is just a name on that T-shirt. What's with the hidden Alpha dslr you may asked. It was made that way so that it will appeal to all Alpha dslr users, regardless of models.

In a sudden, I received lots of friends request just to see and comment of this T-shirt. They proposed that the T-shirt be made a reality. Being a first-timer, I was a bit reluctant, but help came from friends. We sourced out a supplier from KL and now waiting for the final price for it. I started an ordering page in my facebook page and in In just three days, more than 60 orders have been placed.

I never thought that my simple design could create a lot of interest. After this sale is done, I'm planning for a new, Polo-tee.

How it would look like on you, created using my lousy photoshop skills.

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