Monday, August 30, 2010

Nex's Shutter priority mode

I tried this drive mode when some friends and I visited a nearby waterfall last month. Sony stated that it can capture 7 frames per second, an extra of 2 frames from my previous camera. Maybe it's due to the absence of moving mirrors. But still, it loses out to the new Sony's Single Lens Translucent A55 that can capture 10. "Benefit of Technology", a friend uttered when new cameras with better tech comes out. If not because of the Singapore trip this Sunday, I would be funding for that SLT.

However, the weather wasn't very conducive for the test but I carried on anyway. Camera was set at iso3200, 29mm, f4.5, 1/200. No editing on photos except cropping and resizing.



A bright, sunny day would yield better results as 1/200 still couldn't freeze the movements. On the other hand, moments were captured which I think is more important in a photo. Thank God the weather is getting better here in Lawas and Punang will be our next destination soon for sunset.

We're going to have a public holiday tomorrow to mark Malaysia's Independence Day! How I wish today is a holiday too, as the celebration in Kota Kinabalu would be awesome tonight.

As for Lawas, I would be more than happy if I could see some glimpse of fireworks.

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