Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sony's 1 Light Creative Workshop

Last Saturday I attended the 1 Light Creative workshop at Marina Court organised by Sony Malaysia and conducted by Mr. Wesley from Lightroom Studio and Academy based in KL. More than 20 Alpha users around KK came to learn about producing better and creative photos by using just one flash unit.

Mr. Wesley. He's a good instructor who knows how to crack some jokes thus making the workshop enjoyable.

Even though I have played with the wireless system before, I did learn more tips and tricks during the workshop. Each participants have to pay RM49 but it was a money well-spent judging by the photos taken by them. As for me, I can't participate much as Nex cannot trigger external flashes wirelessly.

We were taught on the usage of umbrellas, softboxes and difussers in photography especially for portraits.

Using hard light to bring out the curves on the violin.

To show this kind of curves, its often better to use soft light. Our model is Caroline Chung.

Participants taking turns to practice what has been taught.

Using the whiteboard to bounce the light.

Here's my try using Nex's pop up flash in vertical mode.

Not bad eh...eventhough I have to use a slower shutter due to the smaller light power emitted by the flash.


Creative lighting.

Owh, the RM49 includes tea-break as well.

A mini-competition was held during the workshop whereby the winner will get a handsome Sony camera-messenger back just like in the photo above. What did I do after learning new things from the workshop? I bought a small flash for my Nex which triggers it using slave mode.

Sunblitz Digi A628i bought from my favourite shop, CPL photo in KK plaza.

The switches for Off/Slave/Normal and Auto/Manual.

Can be used in bounce mode.

Did it work?

Definitely but sometimes the flash is having problems to sync with the camera because of the pre-flash fired during each shots. I'm going to buy the digital slave trigger which is able to delay the Sunblitz from firing, just enough to skip the pre-flash from the pop-up.

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