Thursday, July 29, 2010

Winner is the Winer, Rove 12

I've always fancied a beltpack since I started this hobby. It's small, convenient(with a small kit though) and didn't take much space on your body compared to a backpack. When I bought my Benro backpack, I was like having almost five lenses and two flashes and the bag accommodate everything nicely with extra room to spare.

Now I've gotten the Nex and I sold all my kit(except the Tamron), the Benro would be too large for such a small kit. I sold it off, and bought a cheap beltpack. It's the Winer Rove 12. My first camera bag was a Winer too, the T-06.

I bought the military green. The gunsilver version looks even better but wasn't available.

Some specs about this bag from the company's website.

Internal : 18cmX15cmX10.5cm
Capacity : 1 dslr body with compact zoom attached, filters and extension tubes.
Selling points : Back open design for convenience to take out items, waterproof zipper materials,
can be used as a beltpack or shoulder pack(strap included), waterproof cloth,
using D-Flex double safe buckle.
Material : 420D and 600D waterproof nylon

The beltpack strap. You can use the side of the strap to attach additional bags or in my case, to hold my tripod.

The front compartment after opening the top cover. Space enough for a few filters. I'm not very sure what's the use of the red strap.

The inside. The small divider slot houses the 16mm.

Back view. When used as shoulder pack, the beltpack strap can be concealed under this cushion.

I bought this bag from Ah Siong at CPL, KK plaza for RM80. You can check out his bags mainly of Winer and Lowepros.

With my current kit, this bag fits all my travel needs. I did think of buying the Lowepro Inverse series, but at the moment I'll just stick with this bag. It's way cheaper and the build quality is good in my opinion. It will still be able to house the Alpha a-mount adapter and the Tian Ya(Cokin style) filters should I get both soon.

There's only one thing that made me think for a while before I bought this bag though...

Isn't is the other way around? :D

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