Friday, July 16, 2010

Sony NEX-3

After three weeks of going up and down to Mega Avit Sony Centre at Wisma Merdeka just to get my hands on the Nex, finally I came face to face with it. I'm not going to give much specs about Nex though as you can find a lot more information from the net. When I reached there, there's only one black Nex 5 with 1855 kit left, as three units were after taken after they reach here earlier this week. Luck was on my side though(maybe a sign that I should get one...hehe) that the next shipment of Nex arrived few minutes after I was there. There were boxes of Nex 5 with different kit configurations and the smaller brother Nex 3 all in front of me. Decisions decisions!

I grabbed both, tried and felt the ergonomics and almost 20 minutes later, I bought one. Nex-3D(D means twin kit 1855 and 16mm f2.8 lens), black colour. Main difference between 3 and 5 is the movie. Nex 3 record videos in HD, while Nex 5 record movies in full HD glory. Nex 5 is easier to hold because of the bigger grip and it has magnesium alloy body, while Nex 3 is plastic. The lens however, are metal.

So why did I choose 3? It has the same price tag as Nex 5 with 1855 which I intended to get earlier but I get an extra lens. Who knows I might need it one day. Photo wise, I'll let you be the judge. All photos in jpgs, no pp done except resizing and I let the camera in iAuto mode just to see how it would perform as a 'PnS'. No flash used except the one with the self portrait with sunset background.

Brought it outside for some street shooting.

Wifey took this. Apart from the shiny facial structures, I like how it performed here.

Pity no blue skies today.

Went to Wisma Merdeka food court.

Thinking of Nex accessories already....:p

Just found out that mine was using the Version 1 firmware. Version 2 update was released by Sony recently which add 3D sweep panorama and improved battery life. Can't wait for tomorrow for outdoor shooting to see how it would perform. Would Nex replaces a dslr? I'm not very sure but it would be a great companion to you existing kit.

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