Sunday, July 4, 2010

3-lens robot camera

While I was windowshopping at Wisma Merdeka, something caught my eye at the display window of a game shop there. It is cute and very easy to handle, accepts the normal 35mm film and requires no battery at all. Presenting, the 3-lens robot film camera. This means from a single click, you can get three slightly different-angled images on that photo. I don't have any sample images as I'm yet to finish the first roll, but you can google around for it.

Good things sometimes comes in small packages?

How the images supposed to look like later after being developed.

Anyway, I bought this 'toy' for RM39. From what I read, photos taken with these kind of cameras have that lomo effect on it. Specs :


-Optical Lens

-Leaf Shutter, speed 1/100sec, f/8, 28mm(better used under sunlight)

-35mm Film use(widely available for cheap. Developing the film is another story though)

- weight: 74g (camera only)(totally light!!!)

-No battery needed

Package Include:

-Robot Camera

-Hand strap

-English Manual

-Packaging Box

Shutter button, film counter and film rewind lever.

Flip-up mirrorless viewfinder.

Back view, and the film advance dial.

Its size when compared to a lighter.

There's a few options available at the shop. There's the twin lens and the four lens camera. I bought this one because it looks better than the rest. Wait for the photos from this camera very soon!

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