Saturday, July 24, 2010

Search, Wings Double Trouble concert@Limbang,Sarawak

I've shot more than 1,500 shots since I've gotten the Nex. The new features such as sweep pano and auto-hdr taught me new techniques and style. I'm gonna post on that soon but for today I'm going to blog about Search and Wings' Double Trouble concert in Limbang, Sarawak.

It's the first ever Double Trouble concert ever held in Borneo. We here are quite unfortunate for not being able to watch big concerts which are normally reserved for those in the Peninsula. I straightaway bought the Zone A ticket(close to the stage) for RM70.

The heavy rain that came earlier didn't hamper the fans to come for the 9.00 concert. I came around 8 and pick a spot right in front of the stage. So much of eagerness to witness my first ever big concert. There was intermittent light rains throughout the concert but the fans cheered on as the bands braved the rain together with them.

Let's see how Nex performed here. Iso mostly at 3200, aperture at f5-f5.6 and no flash used.

Fans from in and around Limbang gathered for one purpose...Rock!

Awie's very active last night.

I shot Joe a lot because he was the closest to where I'm standing.

Some guitar duel.

What a concert I must say. Nothing can replaced the experience of being there even with a backache and the pain in the joints from all the jumping and moving.

edited : Here's one of few videos I took using nex's. Video looked ok, but the audio was bad because I was near to the speakers.

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