Monday, July 26, 2010

Nex 3 - extra shooting modes

In this post, I will focus on other shooting modes that's available on either Nex-3 or Nex-5.

1. Anti-motion blur.
The camera will take six, high-speed photos and merge them into one.

Using Manual mode.

Ant-motion blur photos looks sharper and less noise.

2. Hi-speed shutter capture.
Nex is capable of taking 7 frames per second photos.

3. Auto-HDR(only available in PASM mode)
Nex will capture three photos of different EV values and merge them together.

4. Handheld Twilight(available in Scn mode)
Capturing six photos(usually of lower iso and shutter) and merge them into one. Suitable for capturing buildings at night.

I've yet to make full use of these shooting options but when I do, will definitely post them up here.

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