Tuesday, July 6, 2010

3-lens robot camera samples

Finally, I finished the first roll of Fuji Superia iso 100 film using the camera. Got it developed(surprised about the increase of price to process film nowadays) and scanned the photos using Canon all-in-one printer at 600 dpi(highest setting). Photos actually looked much better and more vivid on prints but the scanned versions didn't give much justice to this little camera. I'm quite surprised about the details that came from the plastic lens. It can capture three different actions on a single click of the shutter which I find it amusing.

Almost half of my shots were unsuable. The plastic flip-up 'viewfinder' didn't frame correctly(or I did flip it correctly?) but its only my first time using it, so hopefully I'll be getting better shots in the future. When pressing the shutter button, the camera will emit an audible sound. If you looked closely at the lens, each of it will open one by one(hence, the three different actions). Cool!

Actually wifey handled and framed better than me.

Just bought another roll of film. This time, I'll try to get better angles and subjects. I'm waiting anxiously for another set of gears which will come very soon. :D

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