Sunday, July 18, 2010

Nex-3 after two days

After two days with Nex, I've taken more than 500 photos. Most of them were in iAuto, and some in PASM. It's a joy to use. The tilt lcd brought another level of framing as I didn't have those features in my already-sold a700. The menu(some complained that its a bit tedious to adjust settings) didn't bother me much. From experiences, I've gotten to know what settings to use and adjusted it prior to shooting.

Here are some random shots taken at my niece's birthday last night.

Wife and sis.

With niece. Flash was used here.

How I wish I have this hair. Would be nice for the upcoming Search-Wings Double Trouble concert that I'm attending next week.

Then I tried the anti-motion-blur mode where the camera will take six high-iso photos and merged them into one. Good for low-lit areas.

22mm, f4, 1/15 at iso 6400.

Small cameras must be kept small bags. My Benro is too big so I bought a beltpack for RM80 from Ah Siong at CPL, KK plaza. Besides, I sold off the Benro to a friend who just bought a used a300.

Lesser known brand but at least it does the job properly.

Just nice to store Nex with 1855 and 16mm pancake lens.

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